There are few things better than coming home from a stressful day at work only to be greeted at the door by an overly-excited dog who feels as though you have been gone for several weeks. Whether you are feeling great or at a low point, your dog is right there by your side.

Now, there are those who might argue that dogs are expensive and their accidents will ruin your carpet, so they prefer not to have a pet at all. Listen up, the price of dog food and a few accidents on the floor are hardly good excuses for not owning a dog. This is especially true considering the benefits you enjoy owning a dog.

You spend more on coffee from Starbucks than you would on dog food and a call to Exquisite Carpet Cleaning, your rug cleaning experts in Joliet, will eliminate your carpet woes. Check out the benefits you would enjoy if you had a dog.


You hate going to the gym and you are never motivated enough to hit the treadmill at home. But if you have a dog, you are more likely to get that much-needed exercise.

Dogs are naturally high-energy companions and love to run around and play. As a result, they often inspire their owners to get off the couch and throw them a tennis ball or Frisbee. If anything, you will get exercise when you take Fido for his daily walk.

Research shows that dog owners are 54 percent more likely to get the recommended amount of daily exercise than people who don’t own a dog.



Owning a dog lends itself to better heart health. There is plenty of research that shows owning a dog lowers heart rate and blood pressure, both of which puts you at risk for a heart attack. Other studies show that dog owners even have lower cholesterol than people who don’t have a dog.


Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than non-dog owners. Even if you are clinically depressed, owning a dog can help you out of a depressive episode.

Because you have to feed and otherwise take care of a dog, you have an increased sense of well-being. The interaction you have between yourself and your dog can help you stay positive. Even just looking at your dog makes you feel happy.


Dog ownership indirectly tells others that you are trustworthy. No kidding, you can’t make this stuff up. One study found that dogs can be catalysts for sparking new relationships. That is, Fido can help you get a date, maybe even a girlfriend.


Studies show that people who interact with dogs have lower stress levels.


Your dog might be sweet and loving, but burglars don’t know that. Still, your dog is very protective and will bark and growl when a stranger comes to the door. Home security systems are expensive, dogs work for food and head pats.

And if your dog does have an occasional accident, just call Exquisite Carpet Cleaning.